Red Flags It’s Time To Quit Your Job

We’ve all had bad days at work that make us start daydreaming about finding another job. But how do you know if you’ve really had enough and it’s time to move on or if you’re better off where you are? Reddit has some ideas.

A popular thread asks, “What is your telltale sign to leave a job?” Thousands of people are weighing in with their responses and these are some of the best.

  • "When you dread going to bed because you know you have to get up and go to work tomorrow."
  • "When the paycheck is late or bounces."
  • "On Thursday, my boss let me know I have to prove I’m worth my barely livable wage, so we’re going to have a meeting every day next week to see how I’m going to make the company more money. I had two interviews today."
  • "Getting gaslighted by a boss and seeing management close ranks to protect each other."
  • "When they lay off the nicest, most loyal and experienced person in your department. They told me it was about his salary and nothing more. If they are cutting costs like that...time to go. It’ll only get worse."
  • "If they refuse to respect your health or your family’s."
  • "When you don't care if you get fired."
  • "Invasive thoughts about work while at home and off the clock."
  • "When the new person who was just hired is making more money than you."
  • "When I start crying on the drive home."
  • "When you are bringing home your frustration and it's impacting your personal relationships."
  • "When they mention that 'we are all family here.'"
  • "When they start giving you more responsibilities with a flashy new title, without any raise in pay."
  • "When my manager starts to call me outside of my working hours."
  • "When the perks have just about all gone and they threaten to take the last one."
  • "I was having a root canal. The doctor asked why I was smiling. Told him because I wasn’t at work. That’s when I knew it was time to quit."

Source: Reddit

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