Man Claims Water Bottle Trick Can Expose A Cheating Partner

When people suspect their partner is cheating and want to find out for sure, they may look at their phone or Internet history for suspicious activity. But one man says it’s much easier to expose infidelity than you’d think. According to Daniel Hentschel, all you need to find out is a used water bottle.

In a TikTok video that’s gotten more than 7.7-million views so far, Daniel explains how this water bottle trick works:

  • First, buy a used water bottle from Goodwill or any thrift store “that could theoretically belong to anyone.”
  • Next, put the bottle somewhere in your partner’s car and pretend to stumble across it for the first time.
  • Casually tell your S.O., “Here’s your water bottle.” Daniel stresses, “Use this exact phrasing. This only works if they think you think it’s theirs.”
  • He explains that if your partner has nothing to hide, they’ll immediately say that’s not their water bottle.
  • “They’ll admit they don’t know whose it is because you’ve made them feel like you trust them,” he adds.
  • But if your partner goes along with it and pretends it’s their bottle, that could mean they’re cheating and they thought the other man or woman left it in the car.

Daniel says the test doesn’t have to happen in the car, it can be done anywhere inside the home as well. While it’s oh-so simple, people are calling it “genius” and the comments section is full of people praising the subtle idea and saying they’re going to try it. But some viewers point out that their partners don’t pay attention to details and have no idea what water bottles they own, so it wouldn’t work with them.

Source: Tyla

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