Look Out For These "Beige Flags" On Dating Apps

Your dating app profile reveals a lot about you, so there’s a lot of pressure to create a good one. From the photos you choose to the answers you give to the prompts, these are the things other singles are using to judge whether or not they want to go out with you, so there’s a lot at stake. And you can always tell who put the time and effort into making a swipe-right worthy profile and who didn’t.

A profile can also give you green flags that mean go for it, red ones that tell you to run and yellow ones that scream proceed with caution. But it turns out, there’s another flag to be on the lookout for: beige. Caitlin MacPhail is credited with coining the term on TikTok, where she’s got a series of viral videos pointing out what beige flags are - an indication someone didn’t put much effort into their profile, or that they’re incredibly boring, or both. She warns that these are the beige flags to watch for:

  • If all their photos are selfies - This indicates someone doesn’t have any hobbies or extracurricular activities, so it’s basically a sign of a boring lifestyle.
  • If their hobbies are extremely general - Drinking coffee, taking naps, going out to eat and petting dogs are not hobbies. These are things many people do on a daily basis, so they’re not interesting and definitely fall in the beige flag territory.
  • If they make any reference to a mainstream sitcom - She’s talking about the people who quote basic sitcoms or say things like, “In my free time, I’m probably … watching ‘The Office.’” And of course, it includes anyone “looking for the Pam to my Jim” or the “Monica to my Chandler.”
  • If their fluent language or love language is listed as “sarcasm” - It’s not a language so MacPhail points out, “You can not be fluent in it.” And this beige flag warns they’re probably not very mature or funny anyway.
  • If they’re looking for “someone to go on adventures with” - It’s such a generic statement, so what does it even mean? Are they talking about trips? Hikes? A tour of local coffee shops?
  • If they consider themselves a “plant parent” - Plants are great, but does keeping one alive make someone relationship material? MacPhail says nope and deems this a beige flag.
  • If they use the word “foodie” - Unless you’re an actual food critic or chef, this term won’t make people stop to inquire. But if they get more specific and talk favorite types of food or specialty dishes, inquiring minds may want to know more.
  • They include their opinion of pineapple on pizza - Does anyone really care? Does this really reveal anything about their personality? No, and that’s why it’s a beige flag.

Source: The Every Girl

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