Match Group Releases First Comprehensive Survey Of Dating Trends

Match Group has just released what it’s calling the industry’s first Relationship Report - a global study on dating trends and behaviors. The survey of more than 17-thousand people from five countries - Germany, India, Japan, Turkey and the U.S. reveals how dating apps have changed the way people find relationships.

The poll includes those with and without online dating experience and it finds:

  • Online dating is popular everywhere, with 49% of singles having tried dating apps and websites.
  • It’s not just people using it to find partners for themselves, like in India, where parents use online dating to find partners for their children.
  • 66% of users say online dating results are just “as good or better” than meeting people offline.
  • Just over half (52%) of respondents agree that online dating has become more important since COVID, as it gives users a bigger and more diverse pool of people to connect with and allows them to control the information they give about themselves.
  • People like that dating apps let them meet singles from different races and religions (62%), different views (61%) and from different backgrounds (59%).
  • 70% of users say they’ve had a positive experience with their safety and security on dating apps.
  • Safety features dating platform users would like to see added include member ID verification (73%), reporting tools within the app for inappropriate behavior (72%) and access to emergency services and safety products within the app (70%).
  • Respondents who are in a relationship and met their partner through a dating app are just as happy as those who met their partner offline.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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