People Share What Made Their Roommate Horror Stories

If you’ve never had a roommate, consider yourself lucky. Some folks just don’t seem to know how to live with other people and if you’ve had a handful of roommates, you’ve probably learned this the hard way. A Reddit thread has people sharing their nightmare stories by asking, “What made your worst roommate ever such a bad roommate?”

These complaints aren’t just about someone loading the dishwasher differently than what they consider the “right way,” they’re downright awful. And these responses will make you thankful you never lived with these roommates.

  • “Was a slob who got into drugs and hung around the wrong sorts of people. Completely trashed his room and took off one day leaving his dog he had just gotten behind for me to deal with, along with a bunch of unscrupulous looking characters knocking at my door telling me that he owed them money and asking where he was.”
  • “Peed on my futon and blamed it on a raccoon. Called me at a friend’s house and told me that my father had died - he hadn’t and was perfectly healthy.”
  • “The landlord didn’t tell us there was already someone renting one of the rooms, so surprise roommate to begin with. This surprise roommate was schizophrenic and also tended to smoke inside. It was awful.”
  • “They broke the main water pipe in basement then left it and told no one, then I had go get parts to fix it came home to police trying to knock down the front door looking for him”
  • “In the middle of a 100F heatwave in August, not only turned off the AC, but turned the heat on. To 90F. Even on the coldest days of winter, no one turns the heat to freaking 90. Came home to a sauna, and she didn't even stay after she did that.”
  • “I wasn’t allowed out of my bedroom when she was with married men, still mad I allowed it to happen.”
  • “They were coke dealers and they liked to work from home.”
  • “She stole, wore, stained and destroyed my fancy frilly underwear and then returned the sh*t stained tattered underwear to my drawer and played stupid about it.”
  • “My favorite: She would come in drunk at 2am, turn on all the lights, leaving either her keys in the front door lock, or just leave the door wide open and then pass out in the living room. Good times!”
  • “Found out the dude was keeping his webcam running when he was out. Being secretly filmed was kinda f’d up.”

Source: Reddit

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