People Over 30 Are Sharing Life Advice That 20-Somethings Should Listen To

Twenty-somethings, listen up because thirty-somethings are sharing some life advice. Why’s this advice good to listen to? Well, they literally were just in your shoes. Yeah, things were a bit different, but Redditor u/Kot_Leopold_Ya knows their advice is prime to listen to and took to the “Ask Women Over 30” Reddit thread to ask “What are some hard, undeniable truths about life you've learned after 30?”

  • "After a certain point, people don't change. Take them as they are, or don't. But don't waste time trying to change them."
  • "The power of self-validated intimacy in a relationship. Once I began to implement this into my own life, everything got so much better and I felt as if I could really show up for my partner."
  • "Life is very expensive. Even if you make efforts to save and don't have kids, the base cost of housing, cars, groceries, utilities, etc. can make it difficult."
  • "What other people think/say about me is none of my business and is completely a reflection of them and not me."
  • "Not liking confrontation isn't ever a valid excuse. No one likes confrontation. Sometimes you've got to push through the discomfort and say what needs to be said."
  • "I'm 35 and this is my body now. I'm never going to look like I did when I was 19 and that's okay."

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Source: Reddit

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