What To Hide Before Having Guests Over

As much as we’d like to think no one would ever snoop through our things, there’s just no way to guarantee it. Let’s say a nosy houseguest pokes around in your medicine cabinet, would they see anything you’d prefer they didn’t? No one should ever make you feel judged in your own home, but it can happen.

That’s why you might be better off hiding certain things before your next party, for the sake of your sanity and all. How do you know what to hide? If a guest seeing something will start a conversation you really don’t want to have, it’s just easier to hide it. And these items are a good place to start:

  • Bathroom clutter - It might not be dirty, but it doesn’t look tidy to have bottles and products all over the counter. Stick it all in the bathtub and close the shower curtain if you have to, just to stash it out of sight. Same goes for razors, tweezers and other personal hygiene tools.
  • Drugs - legal and otherwise - Even if weed is legal where you live, go ahead and put away your bud, pipes and bongs, which are kind of smelly anyway, so your guests don’t see them. Hide your edibles as well, especially if kids could find them. And put away any other other drugs, even those you have prescriptions for, to avoid having to answer questions about them, or worse, have them stolen.
  • Certain books and movies - We’re talking about “controversial” titles that could spark a discussion you’d rather avoid with party guests.
  • Sex toys - Even the most open-minded pal doesn’t want to come face-to-face with your private play things, so do the decent thing and put them all in a secure hiding spot before having people over.
  • Decorative weapons - Beyond just being nosy, some guests can be reckless, especially if alcohol is involved. While it’s unlikely a guest will take your antique sword off the wall and do anything stupid with it, it could happen, so play it safe and put any decorative weapons away until the party is over.

Source: Lifehacker

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