Texts That Mean They're Not Into You

In today’s day and age, a lot of “getting to know someone new” happens via text message. Yeah, you’ll see each other in person and chat then, but when you’re not together, you’re probably all about that texting.


There’s pros and cons when it comes to texting, but one of the biggest cons is that it can be hard to tell whether they’re really into you or they’re just stringing you along. So how do you know what’s really up? If they’re sending you any of these kind of texts, it likely means they’re not that into you.

  1. They always have excuses not to hang out. Especially if they give you more than one reason, they’re probably overcompensating that they’re not feeling it.
  2. They ghost you… then text you to come over. They’re probably stringing you along for when they just want a hook up or things are convenient for them.
  3. Everything is “haha” this and “LOL” that. They may seem like positive reactions, but it shows they’re not putting in any or much effort.
  4. They “miss” your messages. Think about it --- is it really possible to miss a text? Especially if it happens more than once?
  5. They constantly respond with memes. One here and there’s totally fun, but if it’s constant, they may want to stay in the friend-zone and not move to the next level.
  6. They always text you right when you’re about to move on. You’re being strung along! They don’t want a relationship with you but they also don’t want you in a relationship with someone else.
  7. They’re not really into the conversation. They should be mirroring your energy, not five tones below yours!

Source: Seventeen

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