People Are Sharing The Things They Deal With That Rich People Would Never

When people have a lot of money, they can be a bit out of touch with reality… which can be infuriating to the majority who don’t have windfalls of cash. Redditor u/-holdmyhand seems to have experienced this, taking to the Ask Reddit subreddit to ask others “What are things poor people know that rich people don’t?” People had a ton to share!

  • "How long you can really eat stuff past the expiration date."
  • "A need to choose which bill you're gonna pay: electricity, phone, or something else."
  • "1,001 ways to prepare a potato."
  • "Keeping loose change in a jar and taking it to the bank to cash it in. When it’s the end of the month and my bank account is coughing dust, it can be a lifesaver."
  • "Keeping a few packages of ramen and rice in the house for when times get rough."
  • "How to get all the peanut butter out of the jar."
  • "Using coupons and getting excited that you saved a whole $5."
  • "Bringing empty bottles to the supermarket to get some money for emergency shopping."
  • "That nervous feeling every time you swipe your debit card."
  • "The exhaustion from working on your feet all day only to come home and clean and cook because you can’t afford convenience or to eat out. The exhaustion from multiple jobs, walking everywhere, working while going to school, and not sleeping because of stress and fear."
  • "How expensive it is to be poor."

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Source: Reddit

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