Bride Goes Viral For Spending Just $100 On Wedding

When Elle Pothier Simon and Carson Simon first got engaged and began planning their wedding, they thought they wanted a big wedding in Hawaii, where they lived. But it was early 2020 and COVID had other ideas, so knowing travel would be challenging for their loved ones, the couple revised their plans. The young lovebirds ended up doing something completely different and after sharing their wedding photos on TikTok a few weeks ago, they’ve gone viral for their very low cost, yet beautiful nuptials.

The bride and groom settled on April 9th, 2020 as a date and set out to find a pretty location with the help of Google Maps. They found Glen Canyon, Arizona, a halfway point between her family in Arizona and his in Utah, which made it more accessible for everyone. Elle and Simon love being in nature, so this scenic outdoor spot was perfect for them and the fact that it was free didn’t hurt.

Due to COVID restrictions, the wedding was small, with just 16 guests, but the couple says it was perfect for them. They were able to keep the costs down to just $100 for the entire thing by:

Having wedding guests take photos on disposable film cameras, to capture the magic of the day.

  • The bride bought her wedding dress at Target for just $20 and she borrowed a veil from a friend. She also loves to go barefoot, so she got married with no shoes on because it “was authentic” to who she is.
  • The bride picked most of her flowers from the side of the road during the four-hour drive from her parent’s house in Phoenix to the wedding location.
  • Elle, Carson and their guests enjoyed a pre-wedding picnic put together by a friend of her mom’s. The bride says it “made the day even more perfect, because everyone got to know each other a little bit more.”
  • Her grandfather married them after getting his license online, and they say being married by someone who knows and loves them made it more special.
  • Instead of a reception, the newlyweds celebrated a year later with an 80s prom party, where more friends and family were able to come.
  • It wasn’t a traditional wedding, but the couple loved it and Elle says, “I wouldn’t change anything.”

Source: Insider

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