The Worst Things You Can Do At The Hair Salon, According to Stylists

It’s nice when you’ve been going to a hairstylist or a salon long enough that you get comfortable, but sometimes clients get a little too comfy and don’t realize things they’re doing are rude. There are unwritten rules at the salon that we need to follow to make the experience good for us as well as the person doing our hair, or they won’t want to keep doing it.

Long-time hair pros from salons around the country share the worst behaviors they see from clients on a regular basis. These are the things you don’t want to do at your next hair appointment.

  • Arriving late - This is the biggest complaint from stylists because it can have a domino effect on their schedule for the day, forcing all the other clients to wait and putting pressure on the stylist to work faster to make up for it.
  • Talking on your phone - If the call is important, relating to work or your kids, try to make it quick and quiet. If you’re catching up with your bestie while she spills the tea, save it for after your appointment.
  • Showing up sick - Stylists agree that they’d rather have you call and cancel than come and sit in their chair spreading germs if you’re sick.
  • Moving around and not sitting still - Hairdressers don’t like it when clients get up every two seconds to look in the mirror before they finish working on your hair. Another pet peeve is keeping your head down or sitting crooked, which makes it tougher for them to cut and color your hair.
  • Taking advantage of the free snacks and drinks - Some salons offer complimentary refreshments, sometimes even alcoholic beverages. But this isn’t a party, so enjoy what you’re offered, but don’t ask for refills.
  • Not tipping everyone who serves you - These stylists agree that 20% of the service is a good tip for your main stylist. But you should also be prepared to tip the colorist, as well as assistants who help wash or blow dry your hair somewhere between $5 and $15, regardless of the cost of the service.

Source: Huff Post

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