Men Reveal What They Like About Being Single

Being single this time of year can be tough, as Valentine’s Day is a constant reminder that you’re not coupled up. But a new Reddit thread is putting a positive spin on being romantically unattached. It asks, “Men of Reddit, what are the benefits of being single?”

Thousands of guys are sharing what they like most about single life and these are some of the most relatable:

  • “Having more space to yourself. No arguments.”
  • “I don't have to justify anything to anyone.”
  • “I have a few days a month when I’ll feel really lonely and wonder if I’ll ever truly love someone. The rest of the time I do whatever the h*ll I want and enjoy the peace and quiet.”
  • “It sounds cliche, but I've only been in long-term relationships and tended to put their needs before mine. They were great women, and I always wanted what was best for them, even if it was at my own expense (career choices, hobbies, loss of friends, never dealing with my traumas/issues, etc.). I never took the time to work on myself; as a result, I ended up being a great provider but just a sh*t boyfriend. I get to be selfish and work on myself.”
  • “1- I get 100% me time all day every day. 2- I get to cry alone on valentine's day as I eat pizza on the toilet and tell myself 'maybe next year.'”
  • “You get to find out what you like to do. You can do whatever you want and not have to change your plans to deal with and please someone.”
  • “I can run the thermostat in the 60s in the winter, and no one will complain.”
  • “You spend less money.”
  • “Watch TV without interruptions. No need to share the covers with someone when sleeping.”
  • “I can eat when I’m hungry, no waiting around or succumbing to some weird meal schedule.”
  • “Day 1,944,715 without a woman: I can teleport small objects and smell colors.”
  • “I can go to sleep and wake up whenever I want. I don’t have to worry about future plans being made that I didn’t make myself.”
  • “Toilet paper lasts way longer.”
  • “If I want a cookie, I have a cookie.”
  • “I watched the Super Bowl alone, but apparently, there was a commercial for Tubi that simulated someone changing the channel from the SB to watch some movie. Per my Instagram and Twitter feeds, this caused heart attacks and arguments from men who assumed it was their wife/girlfriend who changed the channel. I was able to avoid that.”

Source: Reddit

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