Things We Enjoy More As We Get Older

You know that moment when you suddenly realize you’re enjoying something you couldn’t have imagined liking when you were younger? That may be the defining moment many of us know we’re really a grown-up. A Reddit thread has people sharing these realizations by asking, “What do you enjoy more the older you get?”

From the thousands of responses, these are some of the most relatable:

  • "A weekend where nothing is happening."
  • "Being alone and staying home."
  • "Sleeping!"
  • "Listening instead of talking."
  • "Silence."
  • "I love a good nap more and more each day."
  • "Doing absolutely nothing."
  • "A good book, or a movie, or a game."
  • "Being out in nature."
  • "Friendship."
  • "Waking up early. Especially on my days off."
  • "That first cup of coffee."
  • "No longer needing to be up to date on all the trendy things. New TikTok whatever? Sorry, I took a nap instead."
  • "Small talk and getting to know new people. Used to find it pointless. The older I get the more I realize how misanthropic that is. Love chatting new people up."
  • "The ability to truly not care. As in: not get upset, jealous, annoyed, angry, or distracted from things that really shouldn’t be any of my concern or business anyway. The older I get the more I can now decide I won’t be bothered by that anymore, and it’s done. Less stress and wasted energy. I enjoy that."

Source: Reddit

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