Men On Dating Apps Reveal What Turns Them Off A Woman’s Profile

These days it seems like everyone is on dating apps, but trying to meet someone there can be brutal. By building a profile, you open yourself up to judgment from strangers, awkward conversations, and of course, potential rejection. So when you get a little insider info, it’s always helpful and Reddit is here to give it to you.

A popular thread asks, “Men of Reddit on dating apps, what’s something you see on a woman’s profile that instantly turns you off?” More than 15-thousand have responded and these are some of the top icks.

  • “‘You better be able to hold a conversation’ Then my back hurts as I proceed to carry the whole conversation.”
  • “‘I'm not on here much, add me on Instagram/Snapchat/TikTok.’ I'm not here to increase your follower count and I'm not chasing you across platforms.”
  • “‘Entertain me’ and ‘don’t be boring.’ Typically these people are the dullest and most entitled people I’ve ever interacted with.”
  • “Anyone who pretends they are too ‘cool’ for dating sites. ‘My friends dared me, I’ll probably delete this in 24 hours.’ You are just like the rest of us Diane, lonely or horny. Get over yourself.”
  • “One profile I saw a while back, the woman stated that she wouldn't consider any man who makes less than 100K. There are more subtle ways to convey that: ‘I want someone ambitious, driven, and successful in his career.’”
  • “If you’re not ___ tall don’t swipe”
  • “‘Make me laugh.’ I’m not a comedy show you selected on Netflix. I’m a man. If you laugh at what I say, cool. But don’t put pressure on me to be some comedian for your amusement.”
  • “I'll probably like your dog more than you.”
  • “‘Change my mind about men.’ Dawg, if you come into this expecting to dislike me by default, it isn't worth my time.”
  • “6 foot, 6 figures, 6 inches”
  • “Bad spelling and grammar. You don't have to be a literary scholar or anything, just a basic handle on your first language would suffice.”

Source: Reddit

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