Women Share When They Realized Their BF Was Hubby Material

If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, there’s been that moment when you just realized that person was meant to be more than just your BF or GF. Redditor u/Reddit_Survivor9 wanted to hear more about this and asked, "Women of Reddit, what's the moment with your partner that confirmed that you're gonna spend your life with them?" Here are some super heartwarming answers.

  • "When we had just started dating, he was visiting me and a well-known pop song started playing on the radio. He asked me to dance to it in the kitchen and sang the entire thing (very off-key). It was clear to me at that moment that we would be doing dances like that forever, me laughing at his non-existent singing skills. Six years later, I can report we still do it."
  • "It’s hard for strangers to make my dad laugh. Like, a proper laugh. I read out a funny text my boyfriend sent me while we were dating. It cracked my dad up, and that made me feel all warm inside like he was already part of the family."
  • "My cat was always terrified of everything, especially houseguests. The first time my boyfriend visited my place, she fell asleep on him. She never did that with anyone else, even me."
  • "He put something like four different socks in different shades of black and blue together, and told me, 'Here, choose the ones that look similar. I have to wear them and I don't have any single pair that match.' I do the same. At that point, I decided that we were made to each other."

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Source: Reddit

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