People Admit What They Would Change About Their Partners

No matter how much you love someone, chances are, there are still things they do that annoy you, even if you’d never admit it to them. Most of us just learn to live with these things, but that doesn’t mean those things go away. In the safe space of the Whisper app, people are getting real about what they would change about their partner, by anonymously sharing them.

While no one is perfect, these are the things people confess they’d like to change about their partner, if they could:

  • “I would fix his mental health. Life would be so much easier.”
  • “I would delete his self-doubt. I want to see him succeed and chase the dream he has, but he has a crippling fear of failure.”
  • “I wish he was more loyal and appreciative of me. I give and give, and don’t get much in return.”
  • “I love my man, but wish he’d play a little less video games. I feel like I am competing for his attention at times.”
  • “I’d improve his health and quality of life. He is very overweight and although I don’t mind, I know it doesn’t make him feel great.”
  • “My wife is more of a dependent and less of a partner. I sometimes worry what would happen if something happened to me.”
  • “My boyfriend is the most stubborn human in the world. If I could switch that out, I think he’d be perfect.”
  • “My girlfriend lives too far from me. I’d love to change that ASAP.”
  • “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about my man’s finances. I wish he made more money”
  • “I sadly wish my girlfriend wasn’t vegan. I wish we could enjoy food together instead of always eating separately.”

Source: Whisper

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