Dating Coach: The 5 Bare Minimum Things Your S.O. Should Do

We all have things we want in a potential partner and dealbreakers we’re just not willing to put up with. But a dating coach on TikTok is going viral after sharing what he calls the “bare minimum” qualities we should look for in a reliable partner.

Jacob Lucas, who calls himself a “professional” dating coach, says he’s “helped millions of people get the love life they have always wanted” using his “real-life methods.” He just shared a video that’s already gotten more than 3-million views and it explains what dudes should be doing to keep the relationship healthy.

“These are five things that your boyfriend should be doing for you that are the bare minimum,” Lucas begins. And those things are:

  1. Pick up the phone - The dating coach says the man you’re dating should be “good with his phone.” He explains, “You should not have to ask a full-grown man to return your calls or your text.” According to Lucas, he should do that anyway when he’s available.
  2. Make a date - This expert claims your boyfriend should take you on a date at least once a week, unless you’re in a long-distance relationship. “People might say that’s a lot, but I’m telling you it’s really not,” he notes.
  3. Be supportive - Your partner should be your biggest cheerleader, Lucas says. If he’s not, “something’s not right, trust me,” he adds.
  4. Share schedules - The person you’re dating should be open about their schedules so you can “actually plan your life with each other,” which Lucas points out isn’t really that hard to do.
  5. Show love - He’s talking about affection here, explaining that your man “should always make you feel wanted.”

Source: NY Post

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