Etiquette Expert Shares Foods To Stay Away From On Valentine’s Day

Want to keep the romance alive this Valentine’s Day? Then you’ll want to pay extra attention to what you eat and drink. You can set the mood with music and candles, but if you have bad breath no one’s going to want to get close to you.

Avoid that by saying no to the foods etiquette expert Myka Meier says you shouldn’t eat on Valentine’s Day:

  • Don’t cook or order anything heavy on garlic or onions - No one wants to constantly check their breath to see if it reeks of their last meal, so steer clear of garlic, onions, horseradish and canned fish. And Myka also warns to beware of hidden ingredients, like in Caesar salad dressing, which is made with garlic and anchovy paste.
  • Coffee and tea - Both can leave you with dry mouth and dreaded coffee breath, so if you do drink them, be sure to drink plenty of water as well.
  • Asparagus - As delicious as it is, asparagus can make your urine smell really stinky and that smell can linger.
  • Oysters - The problem with this well-known aphrodisiac isn’t breath-related, but the fact that it could give the wrong impression, according to Myka, especially if it’s a first date.
  • Beans, cabbage and spicy foods - Add these to the no-go Valentine’s Day foods because they can leave you gassy, which is definitely not romantic.
  • This expert also recommends a few foods to help fight bad breath, including dark chocolate, cherries, ginger, and most raw fruits and veggies.

Source: Daily Mail

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