42% Of Us Would Rather Spend Valentine's Day With Our Pet

Who needs a human partner on Valentine’s Day when you have a pet?! A new study from MetLife Pet Insurance found that most people would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their pets!

According to the survey:

  • 42% said they’d rather spend Valentine’s Day with their pets.
  • 78% said they consider their pet to be their child
  • 69% said they love their pets more than they love most people
  • Single pet parents were more likely to prefer pets over humans than married pet parents (82% to 75%, respectively)
  • Millennials were more likely to prefer spending free time with their pets than older pet parents


“Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day – and comes in many forms,” Head of Pet Insurance at MetLife, Brian Jorgensen, says. “Our recent MetLife Pet Insurance survey reveals just how special the companionship and connection between pets and their parents are. In fact, nearly one in six respondents said they tell their pet they love them more than they tell their partner!”

Source: MetLife

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