Signs You're Bad At Dating

There are some people who are just bad at dating. It’s OK – no one expects everyone to be good at it. But if you’re bad at dating, that obviously can make finding a relationship hard. 

The first step is realizing you’re bad at dating. Not sure? Here are some signs that you are.

  1. You can go to a crowded bar and not meet someone.
  2. You never go up to men or women.
  3. You don’t engage with anyone.
  4. You’re self-conscious.
  5. You’re bad at breakups.
  6. You bring your friends everywhere.
  7. You wear the same outfit everywhere.
  8. You get obsessed early on.
  9. You’re way too bitter about men or women.
  10. You’re afraid to task a risk.

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Source: YourTango

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