The Things People Buy The "Cheap" Versions Of

With prices going through the roof nowadays, saving a couple of bucks can really make a big difference. The “Buzzfeed Community” is here to help you – they’re sharing the everyday things they buy the “cheap” versions of rather than the expensive one.

  • "Toilet paper. It's literally going to get flushed down the toilet — why should I spend so much money on the fancy kind? I buy the cheapest two-ply possible, and it works just fine."
  • "Coffee. Realized that my instant caramel coffee doesn't taste much different from Starbucks. Now, I take time to drink coffee before leaving the house so I won't get tempted to get Starbucks."
  • "Most makeup. Specifically anything from e.l.f. I’ve found it’s often better than 'luxury' brands."
  • "Most canned goods. Safeway can of beans $1.29. Name-brand is typically a dollar or so more. Same with broth, pasta sauce, pasta, etc."
  • "Milk; my parents had a friend who worked at a dairy plant bottling milk. The store brand, name brand, and 'fancy' brand are all the same. They just change out jugs or bottles they are putting them in."
  • "My clothes. I buy cheap all the time. They cover me up just fine."
  • "Costco liquor and you don't even need a Costco card."
  • "Generic OTC meds. Tylenol=Acetaminophen. Advil=Ibuprofen, etc. Paying more for the name brand is just that; you're paying for the name. The active ingredient is the same."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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