People Share The Worst Thing Someone’s Said To Them On A Date

Finding someone to spend your life with, or even just a casual “situationship,” means going on dates, which can be really awful, depending on who you’re out with. Bad dates come with the territory, we’ve all had them, and a Reddit thread has people sharing some of theirs.

It asks, “What’s the worst thing a person has said to you while on a date?” Thousands of people are sharing the brutally honest statements, red flags and things that gave them the ick that they were told on a date from hell. And these are some of the very worst:

  • “After hanging out for about 16 hours at her place, talking and later making out, she tells me, ‘Hey did you know I have a boyfriend?’”
  • “Your job is to sit there and look pretty. (After I shared an opinion about something)”
  • “That my body looked good, but my face was plain”
  • “Tried to get me to join a MLM scheme. Turns out, he was targeting single moms on When I ghosted, he acted surprised! On my voicemail, of course, because I ghosted him.”
  • “After what I thought was a good date, we went for a couple of drinks, at the end of the night she told me ‘wow you really are a great guy, I just wish u were good looking’”
  • “You don’t want any more kids? Don’t worry, I’ll change your mind and you’ll enjoy carrying my child.”
  • “‘I was reading about plus size models today. What do you think about plus size models considering you're a bigger girl?’ I am 5'4" and 125 lbs. He was not being sarcastic. Dude had the most warped sense of body image I've ever encountered.”
  • “First date, I order a mocktail and he says,’I’m not going to pay for your drinks unless there’s alcohol in them.’”
  • “‘You know that cancer is a hoax perpetuated by big pharma and the government preying on the uneducated, right!?!?’ He says this to me, a cancer survivor who’s life was derailed by it”
  • “‘You're ugly and your art sucks.’ Got me both from the outside and inside.”
  • “Wow, my boyfriend would love this place!”
  • “Wistfully after 2 wines … ‘God, you are so amazing, such a shame you look like that.’”
  • “‘I don't mind that you're... you know.’ *waves hand vaguely at my body*”
  • “I can tell you are an only child because you have major personality flaws.”

Source: Reddit

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