Dating Apps You’re Most Likely To Succeed On

Looking for a date for Valentine’s Day? Dating apps could help you find one, but it turns out, some have a better success rate than others. And new research reveals which apps are the best for finding a long-term partner, or even just someone to grab a drink with.

A new survey asked 2-thousand adults about their dating experiences and which dating apps have gotten the best results for them. And it finds that Tinder tops the list with a 16.5% success rate - meaning nearly one in five singles have found love, or a date, on the app.

The dating apps you’re most likely to succeed on in 2023

  1. Tinder - 16.51%
  2. Plenty of Fish - 11.18%
  3. Bumble - 5.75%
  4. - 5.64%
  5. Badoo - 4.91%
  6. Hinge - 4.08%
  7. eHarmony - 3.55%
  8. OkCupid - 3.45%
  9. Grindr - 2.93%
  10. Snack - 2.51%

The survey also reveals:

  • 31% of men and 28% of women say they’ve met someone on a dating app who they ended up having a relationship with.
  • More men than women are guilty of catfishing someone on a dating app (10% versus 3%), but more women admit to ghosting someone they met on an app (19.2% compared to 17.5%)
  • More men admit to “posing” - or pretending to be interested in a certain type of relationship when they’re not - with 14.39% of men saying they’ve done it, compared to 7.48% of women.

Source: Yahoo

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