These Are the Worst Places To Go On a First Date

First dates can be nerve-wracking and awkward, but if you get lucky and things click with your date, you could actually have a good time. Of course, where you go on your date can also make or break it.

You want to be somewhere you can talk to your date, look them in the eye and get a good feel for them, possibly in a romantic environment. But you can’t do that in a lot of places, like crowded bars and sporting events. A new survey of 11-thousand adults reveals the places you want to avoid the first time you go out with someone. And some surprisingly common date locations made the list.

According to the survey, the worst places to go on a first date are:

  • Going to the movies – 20%
  • McDonald’s – 13%
  • Staying home – 7%
  • Going to a parent’s house – 4%
  • Visiting a restaurant – 4%
  • Going to a pub/bar – 4%
  • Swimming – 3%
  • Watching a sporting event – 3%
  • Attending a funeral – 2%
  • Going to the park – 2%

Source: Metro

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