The Subtle Red Flags Married Women Wish They Paid Attention To

Ladies, don’t ignore those red flags while dating. Assuming that your partner will change if/when you’re married is not a safe assumption and these women on Reddit are sharing their stories, answering the question “What signs have you ignored while dating, which is a problem after marriage?”

  • "If y’all spend money differently, don’t think it’s going to change after your married, after you have kids, after you have a joint bank account, etc. Financial reasons are the number one reason people get divorced and if you aren’t on the same page now, you most likely won’t be 5, 10, or 15 years later."
  • "Indecision, or being wishy-washy about small decisions. This led to him not being able to honor big commitments. He could be easily swayed."
  • "Little white lies. Turned out he also told huge lies as well."
  • "Basic inability to do generic things like making doctors appointments. I’m now his mother in this aspect and it drives me up a wall."
  • "His emotional repression and strict upbringing. It's apparent he has anger issues and can't deal with the stress of parenting. His reaction to stressful situations is anger and he's overbearing as a parent."
  • "The biggest red flag is them rushing the relationship and expressing strong feelings too early on. It spells terrible every time."
  • "Extreme jealousy. I dated someone who watched my house, tried to trace my calls, let me see no one but him, had constant arguments, was late, and insulted me."
  • "Sexual incompatibility."

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Source: Reddit

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