Study Reveals How Fast Single People Ditch A Bad Date

In movies and TV shows, characters are always having their bestie call with a fake emergency if they want to cut a bad date short, but it seems a lot of people actually do this in real life. Daters only need 25 minutes to decide whether or not they’re having a good time on a date, according to a new study. But those daters still wait an average of 51 minutes before faking a call from a demanding boss or desperate friend so they can ditch the dud.

The research into boring dates reveals:

  • A fifth of singles admit to leaving halfway through a date that wasn’t going well.
  • But not everyone tries to escape, as 58% say they’ve stuck around on a bad date, doing so because they felt the need to be polite (72%), thought it might get better (37%), or just felt too uncomfortable to say anything (36%).
  • Some singles don’t even make it to the date, canceling 19 hours before it’s supposed to start if they’re not excited to go.
  • The biggest reasons people want out of a bad date include rudeness (48%), their date constantly checking their phone (37%) and an awkward atmosphere (36%).
  • When it comes to those made-up excuses, the most commonly used fabrications include a sick family member, an emergency at work, a headache, and suddenly remembering an important task they need to do ASAP.

Source: NY Post

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