Running Out Of Snacks Is Biggest Super Bowl Party Fail

As we get closer to the Super Bowl, people are gearing up to cheer for their team and planning the best part of Super Bowl Sunday - the party. No party is complete without game day food and a new report gives some insight into how folks feel about it and how to avoid food-related party fouls.

Frito Lay’s most recent Snack Index polled 2-thousand U.S. adults about Super Bowl snacks and found:

  • Half the country (49%) believes running out of snacks is the biggest party fail, even worse than their team losing the Super Bowl.
  • About two-thirds (62%) wait for commercials to grab their snack refills so they don’t miss any of the game.
  • A lot of fans wish the Super Bowl kickoff was earlier, with millennials (36%) and Gen Z (26%) most eager for it to start earlier in the day.
  • People are loyal to their favorite snacks, but a lot of them are open to new flavors, especially millennials (61%).
  • Gen Z has a lot of love for flavor “dust,” with 59% actually preferring snacks that leave it on their fingers.
  • It seems snacks make a good icebreaker, as 59% of those surveyed have bonded over snack preferences with people they’ve struggled to make small talk with, including in-laws (27%), coworkers (24%) and even strangers in the checkout line (18%).
  • Some people really take their snacks seriously, as three in 10 respondents admit to getting into an argument with someone over snack flavors.

Source: Frito Lay

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