Woman Creates Ghosting Survey For Guys Who Vanish

Fed up with being ghosted, a single lady in New York came up with a clever way to deal with guys who disappear from her life without a word. Stephanie D’Agostino created an exit survey to send to her former flames to get feedback on where things went wrong. And she’s sharing it on TikTok so others can get in on the fun.

The 27-year-old’s video shows screenshots of her ghosting survey while she explains the motivation behind it. “So I recently got ghosted by a guy who I didn’t even like, which was obviously devastating, and I emailed him this ghosting exit survey to fill out,” Stephanie says in the clip. “And feel free to use this at your leisure.” She even offers to send a PDF of the survey to any viewers who want it.

The survey asks her ghosters for their thoughts on her appearance, her personality, and even includes a section where she asks the men to “provide the names, emails, and phone numbers of at least two of your exes,” as well as their ‘birth mother.” But one of the best parts is Stephanie asking them to choose “one form of compensation” from these options:

  • “Passwords for your Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, and your Social Security number”
  • “Buying my mom a condo in Florida (with a pool)”
  • “Making me your muse and dedicating your life to winning me back (Ex: Using my voicemails in a rap song, cutting off your ear and sending it to me, publicly referring to me as 'the one that got away' and describing me as 'thin' in a novel you write about me.”

Source: Daily Mail

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