Ways To Stop Always Expecting The Worst

Do you know someone who always expect the worst? Or are you guilty of always expecting the worst? Some people see the glass as half full… both others see it as half empty. This kind of thinking is called catastrophic thinking. Thoughts like “I won’t be selected” or “I know I will fail” fall under this.

If you’re guilty of doing this, the good news is you can change this way of thinking, and here’s how.

  1. Be aware of catastrophic thoughts.
  2. Call out catastrophic thoughts.
  3. Don’t try and block it out.
  4. Focus on the here and now.
  5. Consider the alternatives.
  6. Stop exaggerating.
  7. Get some sleep.
  8. Know that it’s okay to not be okay.
  9. Exercise.

Source: YourTango

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