Body Language Expert Shares Signs You’re Giving Someone The “Ick”

Paying attention to the way someone holds themselves can tell you a lot about how they feel, including how they feel about you. Body language, including their posture, eye contact and where they put their hands, can reveal what they’re feeling. And that can be especially helpful in dating.

According to body language expert Adrianne Carter, there are some tell-tale signs you’re giving someone the “ick” - or really turning them off:

  • Leaning back - If they’re not interested, they may subconsciously make some space between you and them.
  • Creating a barrier - They may move something in front of them or cross their arms, although Carter notes that some people do this just for comfort.
  • Subtly scrunching up their nose - This expression won’t be obvious, the expert explains, but if you’re paying attention, you may see their nose wrinkling in disgust if they’re not interested in you.

But on the flip side, you can also use body language to see if someone likes you. “I have a simple rule of thumb,” Carter says. “Open facial expression, open-minded, open body language means they are interested.” Key body language signs they’re into you include holding eye contact, raising their eyebrows and smiling, rolling up their sleeves and leaning in to get closer to you.

Source: Metro

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