Things Parents Swore They’d Never Do, But Do Anyway

We’ve all been there - you’re exhausted, you’re overwhelmed and one of your kids does something that’s the final straw. Suddenly those words you swore you’d never say as a parent come flying out of your mouth. The thing is, as parents we start out with the best of intentions, but we live, learn and adapt, and sometimes reevaluate our priorities.

These are some things real parents swore they’d never do and then found themselves doing. See if you can relate:

  • “I just gave my child a fruit by the foot at 7:50 am to bribe him to go poop before school. Put that on the list of things I swore I’d never do as a parent lmao”
  • “I swore my kids wouldn’t ever eat McDonald’s. Sometimes I just don’t have it in me to cook.”
  • “I swore I’d never have one of ‘those’ kids, the ones having a tantrum in the grocery store because you wouldn’t buy them Twizzlers or a toy. So naive!”
  • “That I wouldn’t cook separate meals for them, they would eat what we eat. Uhhhh, yeah. So what’s it gonna be tonight, kids? Chicken nuggets or mac ‘n’ cheese?”
  • “I would look at people in public and think, ‘There’s no way my kid will ever bring a tablet out in public.’ Me, ten years later, ‘A tablet is a must if we want to enjoy a dinner in public with our 2 year old.’ I completely understand and apologize to any parent I side-eyed ten years ago.”
  • “We were gonna eat dinner together every day at the table! With no electronics! Sigh.”
  • “I said that I’d never dress my kids in clothing that had characters/TV shows on them, i.e., ‘Paw Patrol,’ Spidey, etc. I said my kid wasn’t going to be a walking advertisement. This lasted until I saw how excited and happy it made them to wear a shirt with Chase on it.”
  • “I swore I would never yell at them. Well, let me tell you, I had no idea in my early 20s just how frustrating parenting is, and boy oh boy, have I screamed and yelled. I wish I didn’t, but it happens.”
  • “Co-sleep. I thought you just let them cry and figure it out — till I was working two jobs while my husband worked night shift and I needed to sleep. I started at 2 years old and don’t know why I didn’t start sooner. He slept and I slept. We did that till he was 6/7 and we transitioned him back to his room.”
  • “I was sitting there judging all of those people that put their kids on a leash, like OMG, get a dog if you want to use a leash. Until my 14-month-old no longer wanted to be in a stroller and she was also a runner. So I needed a leash and some running shoes and off we went!”

Source: Huff Post

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