Date Ideas That'll Get You And Your Partner Active

If you and your boo are tired of the same old thing, or if you both made it a 2023 resolution to be more active, shake up your date nights! “Active dates allow you to see your partner in different social situations, which can give you a more well-rounded idea of their personality,” matchmaker and dating coach Anika Walker tells “Bustle.” “Most importantly, experiences are what real memories are made of. Being able to experience different things in life helps you grow closer to the person you are with.” 

So, what are her active date night ideas?

  1. Hiking. It can be a local flat trail if you don’t want to get too vigorous.
  2. Escape room. It’s especially fun if working together under pressure gives you and your boo a thrill.
  3. Kite flying. If the weather’s nice out – and especially if there’s a slight breeze – head to the park or beach and fly kites together!
  4. Camping. A great way of getting out of town for the weekend without spending lots of money (if any!).
  5. Picnic. A timeless, romantic idea. Pack a blanket and your favorite snacks!
  6. Bike riding. You can see a lot of your neighborhood while bike riding, whether it’s with a specific end stop in mind or just a ride!
  7. Rock climbing. A non-competitive way to show off your strength or persistence. Plus, your partner can be your spotter since you already know how much you trust them!

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Source: Bustle

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