10 Unsexy Places You May Find True Love

You may think bars and clubs are the best places to find love but dating coach and advice columnist Susan McCord is saying they’re not! “The most obvious choice for many is the bars and nightclub scene, but this is “one night stand” territory no matter how you look at it,” she explains. 

Susan also explains that you need to try new things if you want to find true love. “Finding true love should not be costly or painful. Getting yourself stuck in a routine will close doors to other available options that could ultimately work for you,” she explains. 

So where should you be looking for love? These places may be unsexy, but they’re great options to try if you really want to find true love.

  1. A driving range or golf course
  2. Tennis courts
  3. The gym
  4. The airport
  5. Hiking trails or a beach/park with high foot-traffic
  6. Sporting venues
  7. Any social event where people can mingle
  8. A meet-up group
  9. A course or lesson
  10. Speed dating events and online dating sites or apps 

Source: YourTango

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