Women Share The Cringiest Places Guys Have Taken Them on a Date

When you’re dating, there are all kinds of red flags to be on the lookout for and having your date take you to a place that’s inappropriate is a major one. We’ve all been on bad dates before, but a thread on Reddit’s Ask Women section has ladies sharing some of the worst. It asks, “Where was the cringiest place a date has taken you?”

These are some of the bizarre, gross, or downright sketchy places guys have taken women for dates:

  • "A guy I was talking to asked me to go to his grandpa's funeral like two weeks after we first hung out. I went, and he kept introducing me as his 'special friend.'"
  • "He took me to the Taco Bell parking lot and pulled up ‘Sausage Party’ on his phone. He tried to kiss me during the orgy scene by leaning over with his mouth wide open."
  • "He took me to an adult bookstore/theater/novelty shop and said to just keep an open mind. Then he tried to convince me to watch a feature movie in the theater room. I didn't want to think about the condition of the seats we'd be sitting in, so I politely declined."
  • "He took me to a Chinese restaurant to pick up food he ordered for himself. He didn’t ask me if I wanted anything. Then, we went back to his house. I basically watched him eat his food, and then his mom came home. I asked to be taken home after that."
  • "One time a guy wanted to show me his 'cool hidden spot in the city' where he went to 'think and be alone' and where he 'wrote all his best songs.' It turned out to be just a grimy underpass downtown."
  • "On our first date, he brought me to his house to meet his entire family, which was a complete surprise. He proceeded to get wildly drunk and told them all I was his girlfriend. I couldn’t get away from there fast enough. They were all nice enough but it was one of the longest, cringiest dates I’ve ever been on."
  • "A shipping container in the middle of f*cking nowhere. I thought I was going to die. He wanted to buy it for me and turn it into a house. It was our first f*cking date."
  • "A strip club for our first date. He ended up talking to the girls and trying to get their numbers."
  • "The cringiest place has to be a shared frat dorm to watch his buddies bet and race cockroaches. That's what he and his pals did for fun. His room was full of little insect breeding tanks too — all beetles and roaches. Their scuttling sounds ate up the silence in a way I couldn't stand."

Source: Reddit

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