Biggest Thing Your Neighbors Judge You About

There are all kinds of reasons people get upset with their neighbors, which can make things pretty uncomfortable in the neighborhood. A recent survey of homeowners finds that 60% report feuding with a neighbor at some point. Thankfully, only 20% have an ongoing beef.

Common complaints that spark disagreements between neighbors are related to home exteriors (45%), political or sports team signs (28%) and social media posts (28%). But the biggest thing people judge their neighbors for? Having a messy yard, which 65% of respondents have lived next to at some point.

People have been so bothered by their neighbor’s messy yard, they’d be willing to spend an average of $180 to clean it up. And 9% say they’d even pay more than $400 to improve a neighbor’s yard. So why are messy yards such a big deal to some folks? Realtor Brandon Tyler says it’s because “one house not taking care of their curb appeal can be an eyesore in the neighborhood,” which can potentially affect other property values in the area. To make sure you keep your yard looking good and keep your neighbors happy, Tyler suggests:

  • Keeping up with yard maintenance.
  • Cleaning your yard like you do your home.
  • Adding some flair for curb appeal, like potted plants on the front porch.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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