Don't Order These Foods on a First Date

First dates can leave you feeling full of butterflies with sweaty palms, but if your date includes dinner, that can take your nerves to the next level. That’s because you have to choose carefully when you order because your decision could make the difference between getting that second date and having a night of awkwardness.

The thing is, some foods are just too messy, complicated, or just hard to eat and those are the ones you want to steer clear of on date one. If you want to play it safe the first time you go out with someone, these are the foods you probably want to avoid.

  • Buffalo wings - Sure, people love them, but have you ever tried keeping a conversation flowing with someone who’s distracted by devouring the plate of sauce bones in front of them? It’s not a great look, especially when you’re making a first impression. Ribs fall into the same category. The one caveat? If your date is on board and you both eat them, so you’re getting sauced together.
  • Garlic anything - As much as you enjoy garlic, do you want it on your breath while you’re talking to your love interest? If not, maybe it’s best to save all the garlic until the second date.
  • The kids menu - We’re talking about plain cheeseburgers and chicken tenders. Sure, they can be good comfort food, but they’re basic and if you’re trying to project an image, consider what that meal says about you.
  • Triple-extra-death-spicy foods - Spicy food lovers may be tempted to order the super-hot noodles or a ghost pepper burger, but even if your stomach can handle these extreme levels of spice, can your eyes, nose and forehead? Consider it from your date’s point-of-view …would they want to watch you make your way through a meal while sweat and/or snot is dripping into your food? It just doesn’t seem like the best experience for a first date.
  • Romantically-themed entrees - Sharing an appetizer is one thing, but if you order the Honeymoon Steak and Shrimp Special or the Love Boat entree for two before you’ve exchanged more than a dozen sentences with this person, you may be crossing into cringeworthy territory. There’s plenty of time for all that in future dates, if the first one goes well, so order wisely.

Source: The Takeout

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