3 Red Flags To Watch Out For On Your First 3 Dates

Your first three dates with someone can show you a lot. You’ll see quickly whether you two click and have chemistry, but the first few dates can also show you some warning signs about the person you’re dating. Paying attention to these can help you run before you get in too deep.

But how do you know what to look for? Matchmaker Susan Trombetti’s here to help! She shared three red flags you should look out for on your first three dates with someone new with “Pure Wow.”

  1. They’re late to your dates. Everyone is late once and a while. But being constantly late to dates, especially early on, can be a sign that the person’s not ready to commit.
  2. They drink too much. Of course, a glass or two can help ease nerves, especially on a first date. If the person gets drunk on your first three dates, this could mean their relationship with alcohol isn’t healthy.
  3. Them seem almost too into you. This may seem like a good thing, but it’s not! People who “love bomb” tend to not respect your boundaries and can also be a narcissist. Trombetti says that “love bombing” is actually “a symptom of so many things.”

Source: PureWow

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