Taco Bell Is Giving Away Mexican Pizzas Through The App For A Limited Time

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is a popular item that has frequently disappeared and reappeared on the chain’s menu. Its last return was during the spring of 2022 but it was out of stock by June and some customers complained about the $5 price. Now it’s back in stock and Taco Bell is giving away free Mexican Pizza through the app. Here’s how to get one.

  • Download the Taco Bell app if you haven’t already done so
  • Be a Taco Bell Rewards member
  • Place your order in the app for delivery, not pick-up
  • Spend at least $15 on other items
  • Get one Mexican Pizza for free

This app-only deal only runs until February 1 and the fine print reads “no product or ingredient substitutions, upgrades or add-ons.” Additionally, there’s a rumor that a new Triple Decker Mexican Pizza is being tested in Omaha, Nebraska per Reddit so keep your eyes open in case it shows up on your local Taco Bell menu in the future.

Source: mashed

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