Our Top Complaints About Our Homes

No matter where you live, you might not like everything about it. Owning your own home is a dream come true for many, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its own problems. You may love your house, but not your noisy next-door neighbor or your squeaky floorboards. And new research reveals Americans’ biggest complaints about their homes.

Home service platform Home Advisor surveyed more than a thousand homeowners on what they most love and hate about their spaces. Topping the list as the most common complaint? Size, with 50% of respondents saying their home is too small. Other specific parts of the home people dislike include bathrooms (23%), laundry rooms (21%), basements (14%) and garages (10%).

Americans’ Most-Loved Aspects of Their Homes

  1. Neighborhood 59%
  2. Affordability 53%
  3. Proximity to a city 45%
  4. Size 44%
  5. Proximity to family and friends 35%

Americans’ Most-Hated Aspects of Their Homes

  1. Size 23%
  2. Layout 11%
  3. Distance from friends and family 11%
  4. Neighborhood 10%
  5. Lack of affordability 7%

Favorite Rooms in the House

  1. Living Room 43%
  2. Bedroom 21%
  3. Kitchen 10%

Source: Apartment Therapy

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