Most Couples Would Pick A Trip Over Engagement Ring

When you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, getting engaged is the next big step for many couples. But if you’re planning to pop the question to your person, you may want to do it with a plane ticket and hotel reservation instead of a ring. According to new research, most people would actually prefer a vacation over a diamond.

A survey of more than 14-hundred adults in the U.S. by Sandals Resorts finds that 72% of couples would choose a trip instead of “an extravagant engagement ring.” The results also show that more than half of those polled would pick sharing an experience with their S.O. over giving each other material gifts.

As for the type of vacation respondents would trade a big diamond ring for, 37% would go for a “luxury all-inclusive beach vacation,” while 27% would opt for an adventurous trip. A culturally immersive getaway is the top choice for 26% and 8% say they would prefer a spiritual retreat.

Source: USA Today

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