People 30 And Older Share Things They Wish They Knew When They Were Younger

The best way to learn is from our mistakes and from other people’s mistakes… or at the very least, from the things they’ve learned as they went through this thing called life. Twenty-somethings, Redditor u/SoleJam_18’s looking out for you, as he took to Reddit and asked "30+-year-olds, what is some good life advice to give to 18-year-olds and above?" and people had a lot to share.

  • "It is okay to take your time making decisions. Don't let people rush you into big life choices."
  • "Do stretches and fix your posture because you will not enjoy your spine being dusted by your mid-30s."
  • "Save money. Even if it's only a little bit every week. Treat it like a bill and don't touch it. You'll have some money to invest in yourself in a few years' time when you have a better idea of how you want your life to pan out."
  • "Anger is healthy and rational in many cases, but it is damaging to live in anger or hate all of the time."
  • "The people you choose to allow into your life will make a huge difference in how your life turns out. Especially romantic relationships. Choose wisely."
  • "Don't think too much about what people think of you."
  • "Travel earlier rather than later; it will be easier, and you will be significantly freer."
  • "Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Make them now and reflect on them. It's not bad to make mistakes."
  • "'No' is a full sentence; learn how to say it."

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Source: Reddit

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