People Reveal Unexpected Signs They’ve Aged

Sometimes you look in the mirror, see a new gray hair and suddenly feel a little older. Other signs that time is marching on may be more subtle, like having to spend your Saturday morning at Home Depot and noticing you’re actually excited about it. A popular Reddit thread digs into this by asking, “What is a sign you’re getting older that you didn’t see coming?”

More than a thousand people have shared their super relatable responses, including:

  • "Realizing that every birthday after 21 just isn’t that exciting anymore."
  • "Growing out of certain people. I've had to cut some friends out of my life because I’ve grown as a person, done heaps of therapy, and worked on myself, while they haven’t. No shade — we’re all on our own journey, but having to leave people behind because they don’t fit into my current life definitely took me by surprise."
  • "I don’t want anything for Christmas."
  • "I have to turn the music down while driving so I can see better."
  • "I get excited by new grocery store flyers."
  • "I can't handle sweets like I used to. I tried out some candies recently and got a headache."
  • "I look forward to working on jigsaw puzzles with my husband."
  • "All of a sudden, I'm older than everyone at work, including my manager and supervisor."
  • "When you rewatch a TV show and relate more to the parents than the kids."
  • "The involuntary get-up grunt."
  • "Now, 10:30 at night feels so late, when it used to be that's when things were just getting started for the night."
  • "For quite some time now, I've been getting annoyed by teenagers basically just talking to each other in public. To me, they just exude this natural insolence."
  • "Stupid injuries. I opened the gate wrong and tore my rotator cuff, I carried some five-gallon buckets of dirt and got sciatica, and I transplanted a bush and strained my back. I have a healthy lifestyle, and I'm used to being active, but suddenly, my body can't deal."
  • "Realizing that you're typically older than the cast of TV shows."
  • "Asking 'what did I come in here for?'"
  • "I have to Google or certain words to navigate some conversations with younger co-workers."
  • And finally, "Buying household stuff makes me happy. For instance, when the fridge broke, I was so looking forward to the delivery of the new one that I couldn't speak of anything else."

Source: Reddit

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