Halo Top Offers Free Ice Cream For Sticking To Goals

Sticking to New Year’s resolutions can be challenging, but Halo Top is ready to reward you if you do. The ice cream company is kicking off 2023 by offering an accountability goal tracker that gives you prizes for accomplishing your goal. And the first one is a free tub of ice cream if you complete any goal you set for seven days in a row.

There’s no purchase necessary to get the rewards, to get started you’ll just need to provide your name and email to create an account. Sure, Halo Top wants your contact info so they can spam you with deals and newsletters, but there’s free ice cream on the line, so you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it. To play along, you’ll need to set a goal that you’d like to make a long term habit, and it can be anything from feeding your dog to going to the gym, as long as you do it once a day.

  • You’ll be checking the Halo Top dashboard and giving a “checkmark” that you completed your challenge for the day.
  • It’s on the honor system, so they won’t be following up to make sure you did make it to that 6a.m. spin class or not.
  • Once you hit the seven consecutive days of accomplishing your goal, you unlock the first reward, a coupon for a free Halo Top ice cream tub. You can use it for any of their products, from sorbet to frozen fruit bars.
  • After you claim that reward, you’ll be entered to win more as you keep making progress.
  • The goal tracker is available until March 31st and you have 66 days to get to the last raffle, so as long as you start by January 25th, you should be able to check off the daily goals for the full 66 days.

The sweepstakes prizes include:

(check out the official rules and prizes here)

  • One grand prize - a spa and yoga retreat, awarded as $10-thousand cash.
  • 50 first place prizes - a Halo Top cooler (approximate retail value of $250 each).
  • 200 second-place prizes - 20 pints of Halo Top (worth around $160 each)
  • 10 third place prizes - a Halo Top yoga mat (worth around $20 each)

Source: Lifehacker

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