Terrible "Motivational Prizes" People Actually "Won" At Work

Getting a “thank you” gift at work is nice! Or at least, it should be, usually. Unfortunately.. sometimes it’s not. Redditor user u/no-satisfaction-749 explained that he left his job after he got a “prize for my good work” only to learn that the prize was a coupon for an “extra 10-minute break!” It even had rules attached to it… and an expiration date. This sparked tons of responses on Twitter of people sharing their “rewards” from work that definitely aren’t real rewards.

  • "I once won a certificate for a 'jeans day.' I could turn that in to get to wear jeans to work one day."
  • "My girlfriend at the time worked with me in the same department, same position. She won employee of the year. Got, like, $1k of swag. Two weeks vacation. Crystal statue. Nationwide recognition. The following year, I won it. I was given a $50 check. A hard hat with coupons for fast-food joints, and a printed certificate, during our local Christmas party while they were announcing raffle prizes."
  • “I got fired the same month I was employee of the month.”
  • “My significant other was laid off from his 13-year job for not meeting a sales quota...while he was on his company reward trip to Jamaica for a week for being top sales champion of the year.”
  • “My department VP wanted me and a buddy recognized (specifically promotions and raises) for busting our butts on a major project deadline. The VP stated this directly to my boss and the department president. My buddy and I got soccer tickets to a major league soccer game and 1 parking pass that we had to share.”
  • “30-something dollar department holiday bonus (they took out taxes).”

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Source: Reddit

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