The Gross Bedroom Habit Half Of Single Men Have

Single men get a bad rap for being messy slobs, but it turns out, they might deserve it. If you’ve ever gone to a guy’s house and gotten an ick when you took a look at his bed, your intuition was probably spot on. New research reveals something that really won’t help fellas with their love life - single men have “significantly worse hygiene than women.”

This study didn’t look at the overall cleaning habits of dudes, it focuses on how often adults change their bed sheets. And by now you’re probably not going to be surprised to learn that for single guys, it’s not nearly often enough. Nearly half (45%) of the single British men surveyed admit they wait up to four months to wash their sheets, but even worse? Another 12% say they wash them when they remember, which could be even longer!

The guys say their bedding is cleaned more often when they’re in a relationship, but according to another study, that’s probably because the woman in their life is doing it. The bedsheet study finds that women are much better at keeping up with their laundry, as 62% wash their bedding every two weeks. Couples in the survey claim to do theirs every three weeks, but experts say that’s not enough. They recommend washing your sheets every week because dead skin cells and body oils build up quickly and can attract dust mites.

Source: News Corp Australia

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