More of Us Are Now Interested In "Workcations"

Would you be willing to work while you were on vacation, if it meant you could make your trip longer? A new survey of 2-thousand remote and remote-flexible workers finds that 80% would do their job from their vacation destination as a way to extend their trip.

The poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Marriott Vacations Worldwide also finds:

  • When asked to pick between a longer trip that included some remote work and a shorter trip that required no work, twice as many respondents chose the longer trip (46% versus 26%).
  • The average remote worker takes four overnight trips a year, but only uses nine vacation days during that time.
  • Seven in 10 take more vacation days a year than they did before they worked remotely.
  • 40% of respondents are offered unlimited vacation time by their employer and 39% aren’t compensated for the paid time off they don’t use.
  • Remote workers are used to getting their work done outside their office, with 96% saying they do remote work from someplace other than their home and 65% say they do it frequently.
  • Half of those surveyed say they’re just as likely to work from vacation (48%) as they are to work from their local coffee shop (47%).
  • 79% report being more interested in “workcations” now than they were two years ago.
  • Just over two-thirds (69%) think the flexibility of remote work has improved their overall happiness and well-being.

Source: SWNS

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