Job Interview Red Flags That Reveal It Might Be a Toxic Workplace

Job interviews are nerve-wracking because you go into it knowing they’ll be sizing you up to see if you’ll be a suitable employee. But job seekers should be giving the interviewer and company just as much questioning and scrutiny to make sure the job is a good fit. And it turns out, there are some tell-tale signs to be on the lookout for, according to Reddit.

A new thread asks, “What are some red flags in an interview that reveal the job is toxic?” Nearly 9-thousand responses are warning what should sound an alarm and these are some of the best.

  • “In one interview I was enthusiastically assured that overtime wasn't an issue, but if you pick up an extra shift they pay in gift cards so that it saves you on taxes. I know they're trying to save themselves employment taxes and time and a half, they're not doing me any favors. I declined their offer.”
  • “When I mentioned a company's dismal Glassdoor evaluations, they became so enraged that they ended the interview. Well, I suppose I escaped that danger.”
  • “We’ll start you at minimum and re-evaluate in a month.”
  • “Trying to get you to agree to start before they tell you what you’ll be paid.”
  • “Any time a hiring manager talks up the company's bonuses and raises to justify their low salary, you'd better believe you're not actually getting either.”
  • “Once I had an interview where they silently gave me a questionnaire to fill out for 50 questions and just went to another room. The questions were very detailed and stupid, mostly about money. ‘Is your goal to make money in our company?’ (If the answer is ‘yes’, then you didn’t pass). I left before I even finished answering this list.”
  • "We expect our employees to be flexible regarding work schedules: Would you be available to work evenings, weekends, and occasionally on holidays with short notice according to our needs?"
  • “ I told the person interviewing me that I was happy at my current job and wouldn't consider leaving just for the higher pay. He stood up and looked over the cubicle walls to make sure no one was around and whispered, ‘You don't want to work here.’”
  • “Once you realize that all upper management is family.”
  • “What did you earn at your previous occupation”
  • “We are not looking for someone with a 9 to 5 mentality”
  • “We have a high turnover rate cause people just stop coming to work”

Source: Reddit

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