A Dating Expert Says These Types Of Women Aren't Relationship Material

Dating guru and personal trainer David de Las Morenas, who you may know better as @howtobeast is getting tons of attention for a recent vid where he shared “low-key” red flags in women. The second red flag he named? Women being friends with any guys! 

“Aside from some very rare scenarios, when a guy and a girl are talking, it is not platonic,” David said in his vid. “And even if she’s not interested in him, he’s probably interested in her — and then she likes having that validation.” He also claimed that if a girl hangs out with a male friend a lot or even just texts him a lot, she’s the “type” that has one foot out the door. 

This claim sparked tons of debate in the comments, but there were lots of people who agreed with him. One user confessed, “#2 true from experience unfortunately.” “Even when married with kids.” A second echoed, “Guys and girls cannot be friends. They made a whole move about it called, ‘When Harry Met Sally.'” 

But some users strongly disagreed, too. “Couldn’t agree less with #2. Had platonic male friends my whole life, and not a single one looked at me that way,” one person argued. Another wrote, “#2 is pure bs. I have a lot of platonic male friends and married to my husband, whom I adore and love for 26 years.”

Source: David de Las Morenas /TikTok

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