Expert Tips To Get Your Profile Ready For Dating Sunday

Dating Sunday is almost here, is your profile ready? The busiest day of the year on dating apps is known as Dating Sunday, which typically falls on the first Sunday of the New Year. But since that was New Year’s Day in 2023, this year it’s expected to happen this coming Sunday, January 8th.

Dating app Inner Circle predicts matches and conversations will increase by 30% on Dating Sunday and that new members will go up by 40%. As a result, experts at the app also expect users will have a 30% higher chance of getting a date. Masha Kodden, CEO of Inner Circle, calls it “the Super Bowl of the dating world.” With that in mind, you’ll want your profile to be as good as it can be and these tips from dating expert Crystal Cansdale can get it there.

  • Quality and quantity - Your dating app bio needs both. “Make sure your profile is completely filled out with great photos and well-considered prompts - a proven way to get 20% more engagement,” Crystal says.
  • Less ISN’T more - Data shows that the more active you are on the apps, the more engagement you’ll get and the more you’ll appear to other daters.
  • Be authentic - It’s important to put your best foot forward, but you don’t want to try to be someone you’re not. Crystal says, “Over half of singles (53%) say an authentic, filter-free photo is top of their list in terms of what they want to see from others.”
  • Be clear on what you want - Setting your dating intentions is important so you know what you want out of it and can be upfront about it. “Be clear about what you’re looking for in your bio and when you start chatting,” the dating expert explains. “It’ll help you attract the right people and the best matches for you.”
  • Time it right - The best time to start swiping is the evening of Dating Sunday. Crystal notes that you’ll want to strike while others are scrolling too, which is from 7pm to 10pm that night.

Source: Metro

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