New Dating App Bans Ghosting & Swiping

Singles who are tired of all the ghosting, benching, zombie-ing and other bad behavior on the dating scene now have a new app to try. It’s called Tame and it’s taking a different approach to help users avoid some of those perils of modern dating.

Tame has some rules that set it apart from other apps, including:

  • You’re only allowed to match with one person at a time. When you’re chatting with someone, all other profiles are hidden to try to “prevent users from stacking matches or talking while browsing other profiles.”
  • There’s no swiping. Anyone who wants to match with you has to answer a set of questions you create when setting up your profile. The goal here is to “prevent thoughtless swiping.”
  • Tame will also hide profiles that have been inactive for a week and will verify each profile using both humans and AI.
  • They have a balanced gender ratio, so if there are too many men or women when you want to sign up, you may have to go on a waiting list.
  • Users have to pay for a subscription to Tame, but if you don’t make a match during that period, they’ll let you use it for free.
  • But what really sets Tame apart from other apps is their policy on ghosting. If a user decides they don’t want to keep chatting with their match, they actually have to justify why they’re ending the conversation.

A ban on ghosting is something some singles welcome, but not everyone is a fan and critics on Twitter have called Tame “the worst idea ever,” “awful,” and an “online prison.” And one tweeted, “This isn't a dating app, this is a hostage situation.”

Source: Metro

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